Shipping Costs

Shipments (if a previous written agreement is not in force between the buyer and the seller) will be fully paid by the buyer.
Shipments will be made by Post or by Courier, using a tracking system. Items will be carefully packaged for transport. A shipping insurance surcharge is required for items whose value exceeds CHF 500.

In any case, shipping costs will be calculated before payment, including sales taxes (where applicable).

Import taxes in foreign countries are fully borne by the buyer and are normally invoiced upon receipt of the goods at customs.

The final shipping costs will be calculated after written notification of the exact address and depending on the destination country.

If requested by the buyer (for amounts less than 500 CHF), an insured shipment will be made, always at the expense of the buyer.

The shipments are calculated on every single shipment. A cumulated shipment is possible to reduce the shipping costs. In principle the full price of the shipment is applied up to 500 CHF of value of the object.