Dioscoridea: the origin of our company name.

Our company name results from the fusion of a Name (Dioscorides) and a philosophical term (idea).

Dioscorides Pedanius Anazarbeus (Πεδάνιος Διοσκουρίδης) lived in the Ist century A.D. He was a physician, bothanist and pharmacist; he carried out his practice in the imperial Rome.

His work in 5 books “De Materia Medica” was very famous in the following centuries. His work and mission concentrate two of our passions: the scientific culture and the love for scientific books, together with the study and development of all the activities related to life sciences and wellbeing.

According to Plato, the Idea is the ontological ground of reality: Ideas are the reason why the world exist, the "shapes" by means of what the Demiurge modelled the world. They are also the reason allowing us to think the world; for this they constitute the basis of the knowledge.