Dioscoridea: the origin of our company name.

Our company name is the fusion between a person's name (Dioscorides) and a philosophical term (idea).

Dioscorides Pedanio Anazarbeo (Πεδάνιος Διοσκουρίδης) lived in the first century AD. He was a doctor, botanist and pharmacist and practiced his art in Rome. Very famous during the following centuries his work in 5 books, the "De Materia Medica". His figure synthesizes two of our greatest passions: the scientific knowledge in the sector of Life Sciences and the passion of rare books.

According to Plato, the Idea is the ontological foundation of reality: ideas are the reason that makes the world, the "forms" with which the Demiurge shaped it. They are also the cause that allows us to think the world; they are therefore the presupposition of knowledge.